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 What we are doing

In partnership with communities, the Australian Government is working to address factors that make people vulnerable to extremist influences—including recruitment by terrorists—noting there is not just one path to violent extremism. Extremists often exploit social and economic conditions, and individual vulnerabilities to recruit and motivate others.

We are continuing to develop strategies to counter violent extremism at an early stage, before a law enforcement response is needed.

The Attorney-General's Department in the Australian Government works closely with other Australian Government, and state and territory government departments and agencies in implementing a comprehensive and coordinated national strategy, and developing initiatives that lessen the appeal of the violent extremist ideologies that fuel terrorism.

Countering violent extremism strategy

The Australian Government's countering violent extremism strategy supports Australia's broader counter-terrorism efforts by addressing factors that make people vulnerable to extremist influences and recruitment by terrorists. The emphasis is on prevention and early intervention.

Current activities

Through consultation with communities, research, intelligence advice and consideration of international best practice, we have identified a range of priority areas of work.

In August 2014, the Australian Government announced a new Countering Violent Extremism Programme. The aim of the programme is to combat the threat posed by home-grown terrorism and to discourage or deter Australians from travelling offshore to participate in conflicts.

Building partnerships

The Australian Government recognises that building resilience to violent extremism in our communities is a long-term challenge requiring the combined efforts of governments, community groups and individuals.

Working across government

Many government agencies are pursuing programs that directly or indirectly help to address violent extremism, by building resilience to resist the negative influence of intolerant and extremist ideologies, and addressing factors that make individuals vulnerable to extremist influences.

Working with communities

The Australian Government is working with communities to build resilience to extremist influences, challenge extremist messages and support constructive participation in Australia’s democratic processes and in the wider community.

Visit the Partners section to find out more about how a broad range of stakeholders are working together to counter violent extremism.

More information

There is more information about our policies and initiatives to counter violent extremism on the countering violent extremism strategy, current activities and partners pages.