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    Challenging terrorism online

    2 March 2015

    Violent extremists represent only a small, fringe minority of Australian society. However, the online environment has no borders and terrorist propaganda is reaching directly into our homes and families. Extremists are sprea ...

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    Report Online Extremism

    27 February 2015

    The Australian Government has developed a new tool for people to easily report illegal or offensive extremist material that they find online. We know that some of the images, videos and narratives on social media and other ...

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  • Hieu Van Le, Governor of South Australia, and Queensland Eidfest President, Yasmin Khan and Committee Member Dr Rubana Moola

    Rewarding a spirit of welcome

    18 February 2015

    On 9 December 2014, there were two outstanding winners of the 2014 awards for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding. Brad Chilcott and the Queensland Eidfest Association received the awards at the third annual University of So ...

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    Since 2001, Australian law enforcement and security agencies have foiled four major terrorist plots on Australian soil

    Law enforcement and security agencies in Australia have been successful in detecting and disrupting terrorist attacks before they could occur. In some cases, information provided by the community has been instrumental in preventing attacks that could ...


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