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Living Safe Together brings together a range of information designed to help individuals and communities become resilient against violent extremism, in all its forms.

Extremism is a tendency or disposition to go to extremes, whether they be political, environmental or ideological extremes.

Not all extremist behaviour leads to violence but if a person or group decides that fear, terror and violence are justified to achieve ideological, political or social change, and then acts on this belief, that is violent extremism. Actions of violent extremists threaten Australia's core values and principles and the Australian Government emphatically rejects all forms of violent extremism.

The overwhelming majority of people in Australia reject violent extremism. To speak out against violent extremism and to help people who are vulnerable to violent extremist recruiters, we need to have access to information that explains this complex issue.

This site is designed to provide that information, and other resources, to help you identify and support people who are at risk of being drawn into violent extremist groups as well as those who are suffering as a result of violent extremism.

Countering violent extremism is a long-term challenge and needs the combined efforts of governments, community groups, businesses and individuals.

Contact us if you have any suggestions or information that can help us all live safe together.