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Communities play a vital role in promoting principles of equality and inclusion that help to build resilience to extremism.

A key element of the Australian Government’s Countering Violent Extremism Strategy is to build on the strengths of our communities and support these communities to identify and implement grassroots solutions appropriate to local circumstances.

Community leaders and groups are contributing to promoting and protecting strong, resilient communities that resist and reject violent extremism by:

  • identifying vulnerable individuals and providing support, referral and counselling programs
  • undertaking youth support initiatives, including mentoring, training, education and sport initiatives
  • building a cohesive and inclusive Australia through local community services
  • encouraging positive and constructive civic participation in Australia’s political processes.

While the overwhelming majority of people in Australia reject violent extremism, they may not have the tools and information to challenge it. To support communities to build resilience to extremist influences, challenge these ideologies and provide constructive alternatives, the Australian Government has formed a range of formal and informal partnerships with community networks across Australia.

Partners include local councils, faith-based groups, sports clubs and youth groups. These partnerships are aimed at building mutual accountability and trust, and enabling communities to actively contribute to countering violent extremism in Australia.

The Australian Government is partnering with communities that can directly influence the vulnerability of at-risk individuals at a grassroots level, through the Youth Mentoring and Building Community Resilience grants programs.