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Building resilience to violent extremism in our communities will be a long-term challenge requiring the combined efforts of governments, community groups and individuals.

The Australian Government and communities are building strong networks across Australia to help build resilience to violent extremism and support vulnerable individuals. These partnerships will help to ensure our programs and activities to counter violent extremism reflect the needs of the community and are innovative, effective and collaborative. 

Request for Tender

A Request for Tender (RFT) was released on 19 April 2017 for the provision of countering violent extremism services, including:

  • research and evaluation
  • training development and delivery
  • non-campaign creative and design for content development, content delivery and communication.

For further information, visit the AusTender website.


Government agencies across Australia provide knowledge and expertise that help us understand radicalisation processes and the factors that may make a person engage in these processes. We are also partnering with government agencies that have expertise in reducing marginalisation, providing family, community and educational services, and promoting social inclusion.

Some of our major partners across government include:

  • Social policy agencies, including multicultural affairs agencies
  • Service delivery agencies
  • Law enforcement and security agencies, and
  • Australian state and territory governments.

Read more about how Government partners are working together to counter violent extremism.


Australian community groups and leaders from diverse backgrounds have a strong interest and responsibility in addressing violent extremism.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, for example, talks about the need to stop radicalisation commenting that “we must collectively pool are efforts and resources to build a more resilient community”. See the full statement from his eminence the Grand Mufti:

We are working with communities that can directly influence the vulnerability of at-risk individuals at a grassroots level, through the Youth Mentoring and Building Community Resilience grants programs as well as community engagement activities. These programs help to ensure communities have tools and information to challenge extremist ideologies and provide alternative ideologies for people in their communities who are at risk.

Read more about our Community partners.

Research community

Academic research is crucial to enhancing our understanding of violent extremism, including the reasons for individuals becoming radicalised. 

Read more about our Research partners.


While the Australian experience of violent extremism is particular to local circumstances, many countries have comparable policies and programs in place that we can learn from.  We are working closely with international partners to share experiences and best practice as well as address global aspects of CVE, such as online radicalisation.   

Read more about how we are working with our international partners to counter violent extremism.