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Note: the terms listed below are defined for their use specifically within the context of this website.


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At-risk people

In this context, the term refers to people who exhibit specific behaviours that may make them more susceptible to becoming violent extremists.

A number of factors can make people vulnerable to radicalisation, including being disconnected from family, friends or the broader community, and exposure to criminality or violence. An individual at risk of becoming a violent extremist might also be susceptible to other risk behaviours, but that is not meant here.


Countering violent extremism


The process of fostering in an individual a change of belief so that individual agrees that violence is no longer justified in pursuit of an ideological, religious or political goal. Some individuals can abandon their extremist mindset and adopt mainstream views through this process.


The process of behavioural change where an individual's involvement in violent extremist activities (including providing material support) reduces and/or ceases.

Home-grown terrorism

Home-grown terrorism refers to the locally-generated cultivation of violent extremism by individuals who were born, raised or live in Australia, although their motivations may stem from local or global influences.


By this term we mean the process by which an individual's beliefs move from the relatively mainstream to calling for a drastic change in society that would have a negative impact on harmony, rights and freedoms of Australians. It does not necessarily mean a willingness to use violence to realise those beliefs, but some individuals come to believe that violence is justified to achieve ideological, political or social change.


In the context of violent extremism, resilience is about harnessing the strengths of Australia's inclusive and open society in the face of divisive violent extremist narratives. Resilience is about the ability of the population to challenge violent extremism and to recover from a terrorist attack.


Violence or a threat of violence that is intended to force the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause. The Australian definition of a terrorist act is given in the Criminal Code Act 1995. For more information see the Counter-terrorism laws page.

Violent extremism

A willingness to use violence or support or advocate the use of violence by others to promote a political, ideological or religious goal.

The Australian Government's strategies aim to counter all forms of violent extremism, including terrorism, other forms of politically motivated violence and some forms of communal violence.