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 Conflict in Syria: legal information for Australians

It is illegal under Australian law for anyone in Australia, including Australian citizens and dual citizens, to provide any kind of support to any armed group in Syria. This includes:

  • engaging in fighting for either side
  • funding, training or recruiting someone to fight in the conflict
  • supplying or funding weapons for either side
  • giving funds or financial assets to either side

However, there are many legal ways in which you can support the people of Syria. Find out what you can do to help the people of Syria.

Make sure you are also aware of your legal obligations when providing financial aid to the people of Syria. View or download the information sheet:

There are a number of terrorist organisations in Syria that are listed under Australian law. For more information view or download the information sheet, which explains the listings of Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant:

It is illegal to provide financial and other types of support to these organisations. For more information on terrorist offences and legislation, go to the counter terrorism laws page. You can also find more information on the terrorist organisations that have been listed by the Australian Government by visiting the Australian National Security website.

Legal information for non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations need to ensure they comply with Australian legal obligations and have measures in place to reduce the risk of misuse for terrorism financing, a guide is available to help non-profit organisations understand the legal requirements, see:

Information is also available on the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing page on the Attorney-General's Department website.

Back at home

Despite the understandable frustrations that Australians may feel about the ongoing violence in Syria, there is no justification for violence here in Australia over this, or any, issue.

The Australian community condemns violence as a means of settling differences between groups— it is illegal, will not help the situation in Syria and is detrimental to the vibrant, inclusive and culturally diverse nature of Australian society.

It is also illegal to use violence to achieve political or ideological objectives in relation to the Syrian crisis or other issue – this is violent extremism. If you are concerned that someone you know is moving down a path towards violent radicalisation please visit the understanding radicalisation section of this site.

For information on who to contact for help, please visit the where can I go for help page.