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 Where can I go for help?

Have you seen or heard something that you are concerned about? Is there a website that you have come across that you think is supporting terrorism?

There are a number of different options available to you depending on the issue you have identified. If you have concerns that you think need to be discussed or raised with someone, one of the following services may be useful to you.

Services where you can go for help

Report extremist material online

Report Online Extremism Button


Use this tool to report online extremist material to authorities. The Australian Government encourages members of the public to report any material found on the internet that is violent extremist in nature or could encourage radicalisation towards violence.

It is not acceptable for any individual or group to use the internet to advocate the use of violence in any situation, including to further a religious, ideological or political cause.

National Security Hotline

1800 123 400

National Security Hotline logo

The National Security Hotline is the single point of cont​act for the public to report possible signs of terrorism. It also provides information to callers on a wide range of national security matters.

This free call allows you to report something that you know, have seen or have heard that you believe is of concern. Trained operators take every call seriously and you can remain anonymous.

If you would like more information about what should be reported, visit the National Security website.
Lifeline logo

If you need crisis support, call Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14. For more information or to access a range of self-help resources please visit the Lifeline website.

Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800
Kids Helpline logo
Kids Helpline is a 24-hour counselling service for young people aged between 5 -25 years. Counselling is offered by phone, email and online at the Kids Helpline website.
The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner is responsible for investigating content that is considered offensive or illegal. If you have seen or heard about something online, on television or on the radio that concerns you, such as advocating a terrorist act or violence, you can learn more about your options for making a report or complaint by visiting the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner website

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Information and relevant support services available in your state or territory or local area.​​