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 Information and advice

Australia is an inclusive, multicultural nation. We all have an interest in preventing violent extremist ideologies from dividing our community. When we maintain a resilient society based on shared freedoms, mutual respect and the rule of law, we help to keep our communities unified.

This section provides information and advice on how we can build on our strengths and contribute to a safer and more resilient Australia.

Our society

Find out about Australian culture and the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship, on the Our society page.

Multicultural Australia

Find out about Australia's multicultural policy.

Your rights

Visit the Your rights page to find out about your democratic rights and freedoms.

Understanding radicalisation

Find out more about radicalisation to violence, learn about the radicalisation process, radicalisation and the internet and what you can do if you're worried about somebody.

Report online extremism

You can report online extremist material to the National Security Hotline by visiting the Report Online Extremist Material page. The Australian Government encourages members of the public to report any material found on the internet that is violent extremist in nature or could encourage radicalisation towards violence.
To understand more about online radicalisation visit the Radicalisation and the internet page.

Keeping Australia safe

Find out about the Australian Government's counter-terrorism and victims of terrorism legislation, and what you can do to keep Australia safe.

Conflict in Syria

The Australian Government currently advises Australians against travelling to Syria because of that country's extremely dangerous security situation resulting from its ongoing civil war. Australia deplores the violence and suffering that is occurring in Syria and Australian condemns all acts of violence against civilians, whoever is responsible.

While the Australian Government is concerned for the safety of Australian citizens in Syria, it is also a concerned that Australians may join al-Qaeda affiliated groups and other terrorist organisations listed under Australian law. These pages aims to help Australians to better understand what the Australian Government is doing to assist the Syrian people and how Australian citizens can lawfully help those caught up in the conflict.

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Did you know?

Find answers to commonly asked questions around terrorism and violent extremism, on the Did you know? page.

Where can I go for help?

Find out where you can go for help if you have seen or heard something that you are concerned about.