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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A person's family, friends and acquaintances are often the first to notice the early changes in their day-to-day behaviour that might be a sign that they are starting to engage with violent extremism.

The resources on this page have been designed to give you background information, and guidance on what to look for and where to go for help.​

Living Safe Together

Frame 1:

Voice over: As Australians, we enjoy the freedom of living in a democratic society, and are entitled to hold and express our own views.

Visuals: Blue dots transition in and appear to talk and agree / nod / jump at each other calmly

Frame 2:

Voice over: N/A

Visuals: Dots slide out to bottom, above Title appears, the circular border draws itself around the title, encapsulating the idea of togetherness

Frame 3:

Voice over: N/A

Visuals: Our title frame slides out to left, from right. A minimal map of Australia swipes in. Its shape is almost fluid like, moving slowly

Frame 4:

Voice over: The beliefs and actions of violent extremists in Australia can bring harm to innocent people...

Visuals: We zoom into the map of Australia and a network of dots moving around fluidly comes into view.

Frame 5:

Voice over: Within our community, there are some among us who seek to divide, harm and threaten our safety.

Visuals: One red dot fades in, and begins to brush up against other dots...

Frame 6:

Voice over: Violent Extremists are defined as people or groups whose beliefs and actions support the use of fear, terror and violence to achieve ideological, religious or political goals

Visuals: A section of dots turn red and break off from the rest

Frame 7 and 8:

Voice over: Violent Extremism is not confined to any one community and it can take many forms. There are many causes for which people accept violence.

Visuals: We zoom back in and watch as a red dot is seen ‘shouting’ at a dot, making it turn red. Zoom out and we see the red dot travelling around different clusters of dots. Zoom back into red, with red filling screen...

Frame 9 and 10:

Voice over: Right wing extremism, ideologies based on or influenced by religion, or
support for overseas and separatist nationalist movements can all fuel Violent Extremism.

Visuals: The following definitions fade up one after another.

  • Right Wing Extremism.
  • Religious Extremism
  • Support for Overseas Nationalist Movements.

Frame 11:

Voice over: In Australia, every person has the right to hold and respectfully express their beliefs and views.

Visuals: We zoom back out of the red, to see all the clusters, then zoom back into a cluster of four who appear to be talking

Frame 12:

Voice over: There are a small number of people…

Visuals: One red dot animates in from the right

Frame 13:

Voice over: ...who justify violence as a way to achieve their desired change.

Visuals: This dot begins to turn other dots red, signifying radicalisation.

Frame 14:

Voice over: There are no simple answers for how someone radicalises towards violent extremism – but there are usually signs.

Visuals: Wipe Transition to white fill, signs scroll in from right as camera pans

Frame 15:

Voice over: If you notice a drastic change in someone’s behaviour, ask yourself: Are they distancing themselves from friends or family?

Visuals: as camera pans past signs, we see two blues travelling across scene, followed by red, right to left

Frame 16:

Voice over: Are they expressing grievance or hatred and consuming violent internet content?

Visuals: another two blues travel through the scene, left to right. As a red catches up with them
and shouts at them. Signs /dots continue to slide out to left as camera pans right. Wipe transition to fill blue. 

Frame 17:

Voice over: There are agencies all around the country that can provide advice, support these individuals and help …

Visuals: Diamonds animate in from top and seem to be ‘herding’ the red dots

Frame 18:

Voice over:...to prevent future incidents. Help them access appropriate support.

Visuals:A new blue dot enters from these larger blue dot/shapes.

Frame 19:

Voice over: Small actions, providing assistance and offering guidance early...

Visuals: Again zoom into red dot, and dot on right animates in from right, talks to red dot.

Frame 20:

Voice over: ...is a way to help someone who is at-risk of radicalisation and can stop it from developing into a problem.

Visuals: Red slowly turns back to normal colour, hops around appearing happy

Frame 21:

Voice over: However, if you see someone’s behaviour change and have suspicions that someone may harm themselves or others, contact the National Security Hotline, or seek advice from countering violent extremist professional.

Visuals: Right dot slides out to right

Frame 22:

Voice over: You are not alone, the active involvement of families, friends.

Visuals: we follow right dot out to the right. It greets two more dots, who jump happily.

Frame 23:

Voice over: ...religious Leaders, Teachers, Health Professionals and community support networks are vital in keeping Australia safe.

Visuals: slow zoom out shows more dots, talking and buzzing

Frame 24:

Voice over: Immediate threats should be reported directly to police or triple zero...

Visuals: Wipe to white background, we see a dot dialling a number, numbers appear over the top of the dot, it rolls off the phone, travels right, and ….

Frame 25:

Voice over: - you can remain anonymous.

Visuals: Dot becomes pixelated. Camera continues to pan right,

Frame 26:

Voice over: If you are worried that somebody may be radicalising to violent extremism, access further information from The Living Safe Together Intervention Program via livingsafetogether.gov.au

Visuals: info box appears from right hand side of screen.